Week Twenty-Two: MA Project

Updated: Aug 16

As mentioned in week nineteen, the box printing company would only let me print using three colours and I was initially a little stumped by this, but it quickly became liberating. The colour possibilities to choose from could be endless and that dilemma had been taken away. Thankfully, I only really needed three colours:

  1. Green = land

  2. Blue = ocean, river and pond

  3. Yellow = beach

My partner also pointed out that not printing would also give me the colour brown from the cardboard, genius!

I was now looking at screenprinting as the next viable option, and although this would allow me access to more colours, I decided to stick with my original plan. This way the project was more authentic, and I didn't need to use any more than three colours. I felt I had gotten around it whilst still (hopefully) creating an attractive piece of work. There would also be other components that would be added to the game for immersive, which would be open to numerous possibilities and opportunities for colour.

My plan at this stage was to use green, yellow and blue for printing the different terrains and not use any colour for the symbols and text on the game (the white space).


The QR code on the box would lead to a website where people can download and print templates to finish building the game and make it more immersive, such as the:

  • Valley

  • Waves

  • Mountain

  • Trees

They'd also be able to print out the die template, and instructions on how to build and how play.

QR Code


Download PDF • 367KB

Website Design Sketch

Initial Logo

Intro to Website


Are you looking forward to going on an adventure?

Good! We're almost ready, we just need to follow the simple steps below and then we'll be on our way.

  1. Print the templates out onto thin card. You might choose a different coloured card for each terrain, green for the valley and blue for the ocean, for example, or you can colour them yourself, it's up to you!

  2. Cut the templates out.

  3. Make a small incision along the dashed line on the board game with a hobby knife.

  4. Place the template into the slit you've just made on the board game.

  5. Print and cut out the die template and assemble.

  6. Finally, download the instructions on how to play! You can download them to you phone instead of printing to save paper."

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