Week Twenty-Three: MA Project

Printing Disaster

My initial attempt at screen printing was an absolute disaster. The finer details became invisible amongst the first layer of green paint. The time I had originally allocated for printing was a day and this threw me off.

I was told to check sizes etc and come back again. The photo below shows size and clarity after printing. I returned the next day after making the relevant adjustments; however, it happened again! My one day allocated to printing turned into two and now (possibly) three. After a lot of panicking, I met with an experienced printer at the shop who turned up at the right time! The employee I had originally been conversing with was very nice but not overly experienced. I was then told that the printing size guidelines were only applicable for smaller prints, and I was printing the biggest size they had, which meant I had to make the text etc bigger. I made some executive decisions to scrap the original font I had chosen as letters varied in size. Although it was quirky and suited the game, it was also unpredictable how it would turn out through the screen printing process. I also had to rethink the game rules, the changes weren't overly dramatic, but I hadn't anticipated such an outcome at all.

Eventually, after making some decisions that were a little disappointing but more favourable than the other options I had at this time, things were falling into place.

Disaster Avoided

Getting there...


Printing was extremely stressful and my original design was altered a fair bit out of necessity during this time. I have only screen-printed small designs before and thought the process would be the same for larger designs, but lesson learnt! Because of the time needed for screenprinting and the cost involved, etc, you can't leave much room for error, which is why I made the choices I did at this point. Had I known this before I would've done things differently, but learning is a constant process.

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