Week Twelve: Outcome and Ambition

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

This week's lecture was in the form of interviews with:

  • Torsten Posselt (FELD)

  • Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona (Accept and Proceed)

  • Wouter Dirks (Studio Dumbar)

  • Stijn van de Ven (Eden Spiekermann)

  • Luke Veerman (Eden Spiekermann)

How does project evaluation help you, your client/audience measure the effectiveness of your final outcome?


  • Sit down with everyone and do an evaluation.

  • You might need to document your feedback.

  • What worked? What didn't work?

  • What lessons have you learned?

  • Look at the project from a brand new perspective.


  • Some clients will evaluate the project.

  • Evaluation is done in different ways.

  • Success is measured in different ways.


  • Evaluate with the whole project team.

  • Evaluation is an ongoing process.

  • Some projects are evaluated with consumers.


  • Evaluations with clients are different.


  • Be aware of what the initial brief was and what you're delivering.

  • Try not to go off from the original brief; constantly check in with the client on your ideas.

  • It's not personal; you're working for clients.

  • Evaluate during and after the project.

Workshop Challenge


flex.falmouth.ac.uk. (n.d.). Log in to canvas. [online] Available at: https://flex.falmouth.ac.uk/courses/954/pages/week-12-lecture-outcome-and-ambition?module_item_id=56288 [Accessed 10 Dec. 2021].

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