Week Twelve: MA Project

Updated: May 12

A Trip to the Taiwan Design Museum

I visited the Taiwan Design Museum this weekend to get inspiration from The Spiral exhibition which is an exhibition on circular design. The exhibition was very interesting and uplifting in seeing how a variety of industries are making changes to be more sustainable. On show were a variety of products made of recycled computers, clothing and ghost fishing nets, to name a few.

I was inspired by how the products were made through recycled materials. I was originally drawn to creating my design with wood as I feel wood would add another link to connect with nature. However, on walking around the exhibition I felt uplifted and optimistic about the future of recycling and emptying the environment of plastic pollution. Another way of looking at it would be going to my local forest and deciding on whether to cut down a tree to fulfil my design or reuse the plastic waste scattered along the floor. The whole purpose of my project is to build enthusiasm, curiosity and conversation around nature and the environment and so to harm it in doing so would be counteractive. As well as this, I want to emulate those same feelings I had from walking around the exhibition, the feelings of being uplifted and optimistic in seeing the positive steps being made to combat plastic pollution.

Icosahedron Dice

I've begun to make a very rough paper draft of my design along with illustrations that aren't yet final but will allow me to visualise my idea better. With this, I can also begin testing and generating feedback.

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