Week Twelve: Developing Ideas and Designs for Launch of Authorial Artefact

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Lecture with Alec Dudson looking at launches and promotion.

  • Having an excellent promotional strategy only really works if the idea is brilliant too.

  • PR can only do so much!

  • The creative idea has to be communicated clearly.

  • PR agencies bring you networks on a personal and agency scale.

Case Study: Zetteler

  • Set up in 2012 by Sabine Zetteler.

  • London based.

  • Specialises in innovation, design, architecture, art, technology and the creative sector.

  • It's Nice That is a very effective place to be if you're a visual communicator.

  • PR agencies discover what you're working on and create exciting stories from that publication.

  • A PR agency can help stretch your communication.

  • Generate an exciting range of stories around your project.

  • You can do your own PR work, but it's very time-intensive.

  • PR can bring the craft of writing effective press releases.

  • Consider your audience.

  • Design isn't massively crucial with press releases, but communication is.

  • If press releases don't get to the point quickly, the reader will shut off.

  • Get to the point soon with press releases!

Case Study: Michael Lester

Image: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27389981/The-Worlds-Smallest-Portfolio

  • Michael is a compelling personal communicator on projects that he has worked on.

  • 'The Worlds Smallest Portfolio.'

  • Three elements that made the above successful:

  1. The idea!

  2. Documentation.

  3. Strategy.

  • Documenting your work and presentation is key!

  • Present the work how you want it to be shared.

  • Strategy is key!

  • Make sure the content is powerful.

  • Connect with journalists.

  • Have images web-ready, make them easy for sharing.

  • Have quality documentation of your work.

  • Behance.

Case Study: New York Public Library's Instagram Novel Projects

Image: https://www.oneclub.org/awards/theoneshow/-award/33670/insta-novels

  • Sharing and social media at its core.

  • Find your audience and make yourself present.

Case Study: Redundancy Radio by Liv Siddall

Image: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/redundancy-radio/id1347931856

  • Liv Siddall became redundant and created a podcast.

  • Her promotion was wrapped up in the creation.

  • Showcase of skills.

  • To effectively promote your authorial project as a designer, think about communication from the very beginning.

Case Study: Dr Me Fin

Image: https://draw-down.com/products/fin-2017-dr-me

  • Fin started in 2017.

  • Taking projects that would otherwise have been stored away and forgotten about.

  • Physical collage.

  • Started as a monthly zine.

  • Allowed for constant communication.

  • Only released over a 24hr period which created a buzz.

  • The promotion reflects design ethos and the work they make.

  • Limited release.

  • Making money from what would have otherwise generated no income.

  • Attracted work as a result.

What to consider when you're looking to build your own promotion strategy/strategies

  • Get the most out of social media.

  • Social media takes time.

  • Quality of content is important!

  • Consistency is very well rewarded across Instagram.

  • Instagram accounts The brand identity, graphic.index, certain magazine.

  • Tag collaborators.

  • Hashtags.

  • Follow and comment.

  • Jay Vaz.

  • Constant tagging>speculative, fictional artworks/projects>tagging artists.

  • Build a network of design journalists.

  • Have a range of people that like to write about your work.

  • Find writers/publications that you like and search for their email addresses through Hunter.io.

  • Write your own press release.

  • Find examples of press releases before you start making your own.

  • Simon Sinek's Golden Circle.

Participation in Communication design: insights from the creative industries

Image: https://www.amazon.com/Communication-Design-Insights-Creative-Industries/dp/1472534409

  • The media we use influences our behaviour.

  • "The nudge" is an idea coined by U.S legal scholar Cass Sunstein to describe the sophisticated manipulation of our instinctive behaviour to influence our decision making. Example: Schiphol Airport urinals.

  • Tara Austin describes the ten factors that influence how we make decisions that inform the work of Ogilvy Change:

  1. The endorsement of someone we trust can positively influence a decision.

  2. Fear of losing is more influential to a decision than the desire to gain something.

  3. We are more likely to make a decision if we see those around us making it too.

  4. We are reluctant to pull out of a process.

  5. Information is better understood if it is delivered at the point where it is needed.

  6. Subconscious cues can influence decisions.

  7. We respond to emotional connection.

  8. A public pledge is more likely to be acted upon.

  9. We like decisions that make us feel morally good about ourselves.

  10. We prefer to commit incrementally rather than through one conclusive decision.

  • Today's audience wants to create, engage and share.

Workshop Challenge

Book Prototype
Download PDF • 2.71MB


This was an enjoyable brief! I thoroughly enjoyed making a prototype of the book I have proposed, and it would be a project I would like to take further in terms of research, development and crafting. In the little time provided to research, I didn’t find anything similar. Still, I was

intrigued to discover how many books there are that detail comedy, whether through photography or a niche element of comedy. As mentioned, there are also plenty of other mediums that exist that do this, such as Podcasts and television series, so I do not doubt that there is a potential audience for this kind of book.


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