Week Sixteen: MA Project

Updated: Aug 18

I listed down the 20 natural terrains and began to consider how I could make them interactive, and what materials I could use to bring them to life, such as tracing paper and card. I also had to think about how these materials would be attached to the board and how the children would interact with them.


Images: https://padlet.com/FalmouthFlexible/42j3jm8xuept47ar/wish/2235436698

Board game rules

  1. Participants draw and colour an animal or insect, which they'll use as a counter to move across the board.

  2. Participants place their counters in the 'Start' box.

  3. Decide on the order in which the participants will play (e.g. alphabetically using their names or birthdays).

  4. The first participant rolls the die.

  5. Participants can only roll the die once.

  6. The participant then needs to find the habitat landed on (facing up on the die) on the board.

  7. The participant reads the direction next to the habitat and moves their counter accordingly.

  8. Participants will be instructed to either move forwards, backwards, not move at all or miss ago.

  9. Continue to take turns until all participants have finished.

Notes from my Tutorial with Céline

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