Week Seven: Positioning and Trends

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

This week's lecture was in the form of interviews with:

  • Torsten Posselt (FELD)

  • Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona (Accept and Proceed)

  • Wouter Dirks (Studio Dumbar)

  • Stijn van de Ven (Eden Spiekermann)

  • Luke Veerman (Eden Spiekermann)

How do themes and trends forecasts help to ensure a project is planned and positioned effectively to deliver its strategic goals?


  • Trends can overflow you with so many things.

  • What is your filter to trends?

  • Your filter comes from personal preference and emotional connection.

  • You should look at trends that come from a different direction from what you're doing, as there'll be something that relates.

  • You can create a trend if you have enough people doing the same thing as you.

MJ + MD:

  • It is essential to understand current themes, trends, and specific technologies that will help your client and their briefs and opportunities for the future.


  • Look with the client at trends and new developments in the market that they think are important for their business.


  • I try not to care about trends.

  • Sometimes trends don't necessarily solve your client's problem.


  • Be aware that big projects could take years to deliver, and trends in that time will change.

  • Be flexible on projects and allow them to be adaptable to new trends.

  • Things can happen with trends outside of what you're able to control.

  • Make sure the projects you're planning to deliver can move with trends.

I’ve not really thought much about trends during this course. It’s always something I associate with my school days on the

playground; that’s not to play down their importance, but trends were so visible on the school playground and often changed so quick. If a cool kid came into school with a new haircut, that would be the new haircut trend for everyone. Most things that become trends are often designed in some way or another, so as designers, it’s essential to be aware of them. One point that worried me slightly was Veerman’s mention of how some

projects can take years to deliver; what could be a trend at the moment of inception might not be on delivery. Veerman

mentioned how, in this instance, it’s important to give long term projects leverage to adapt to new trends, but I wonder how easy that it is?

Dezeen and Google's Soft Futures Talk From Milan (2018)

Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs speaks to:

  • Ivy Ross: Google hardware's head of design

  • Li Edelkoort: Trend forecaster

  • Martin Raymond: Co-founder Future Laboratory


  • Well-being has grown massively since the nineties.

  • We like being alone but together.


  • Diversity helps create new perspectives.

  • We want colour in our lives.


"We only begin to understand technology when we cease to notice it."

- Martin Heidegger, philosopher.

  • Technology is anything man-made/man invented.

  • Distraction opens up newness, opens up new ways of looking at the universe.

  • We need to look to the future.

"Design is about solving problems."

-Ivy Ross

  • Bring the past into the future.

Image: https://www.dezeen.com/2019/10/25/li-edelkoort-google-comma-exhibition-tokyo/

I found the Dezeen and Google’s Soft Futures talk really

interesting and insightful, especially with how technology is changing to become more human-like with softer curves and softer aesthetics; this reminded me of the film Her (2013) on

numerous levels. I found Li Edelkoort’s description of “being alone together” a nice way of accepting technology; many would

argue that technology destroys relationships; however, it’s part of modern life and will continue to be a huge part of our lives, yet it will become more discreet and not so intrusive in other ways.

Workshop Challenge

"Change is in the small things that create huge waves.”

-Calm CEO Simon Gunning

Image: https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/studio-output-calm-rebrand-graphic-design-130921

Image: TBWA: Sound the Excuse by TBWA | Creative Works | The Drum

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKQwBwS1GRA

Image: https://i-d.vice.com/en_uk/article/nenyxq/browns-team-up-with-artist-andy-leek-for-a-campaign-about-messages-of-kindness

Image: selina christ mental health campaign - Google Search

Mood Boards

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to encourage conversation surrounding mental health in Taiwan. We believe that the more people talk about mental health, the more visible it'll become, reducing the negative stigma that still surrounds mental health in Taiwan. We want people to feel confident when discussing mental health. We believe this confidence will give people the courage to request more available mental health services and encourage people to use those services."


It was fascinating learning about what the future holds for us regarding technology; I’ve always been slightly afraid of technology as it rarely works in my favour, but it seems like technology will be more a part of us in the future than separate to us. It’s intriguing to see how it’s being designed to be more human-like too.

At this point, my project has a vague direction but lacks weight. Numerous ideas are in my head, but they need to be put together somehow like a jigsaw, they fit, but I’m not sure how yet. With this in mind, I kept my mission statement rather broad; but it is still the foundation of what I want to achieve with this project.


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Mood Boards

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