Week Nine: Concept Development

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

This week's lecture was in the form of interviews with:

  • Torsten Posselt (FELD)

  • Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona (Accept and Proceed)

  • Wouter Dirks (Studio Dumbar)

  • Stijn van de Ven (Eden Spiekermann)

  • Luke Veerman (Eden Spiekermann)

Describe a case study where innovative design thinking and fresh insight enabled a surprising project outcome?


  • Be prepared for ideas to fail.

  • There are sometimes ideas that you have to evaluate and renegotiate.

  • You cannot just say no to ideas. You have to make a case for it.


  • Hiding messages can be really effective.

  • Hiding messages makes the work more potent, and people fall in love with it more.


  • Simplicity can be essential for some briefs.


  • Look at the product/brand from the consumer perspective.

  • Make a list of ideas.

  • Write everything down so you can visualise your thoughts.


  • Always start with research.

  • Talk to the consumer.

  • Identify the problem.

  • Test the client's idea.

  • Don't just do what the client wants.

  • Look from the consumer's perspective.

It's been mentioned a couple of times through this brief but is something I haven't considered before, and that's looking at a brand through the consumers perspective. It makes complete sense to do this, but I wonder how often projects are surrounded by what the client wants without considering the consumers perspective? Another interesting point raised was not just saying 'no' to clients' ideas but articulating your reasons why. Ideas should be justified too on both the designers and clients sides.

Glug, (2019) Marcello Google Creative Labs Imagination is Innovation

  • Creativity is one big collision.

  • Bring naivety into every project.

  • Draw to art.

99U, (2019) Joel Beckerman: Designing with sound

  • We respond to sound quicker than any other sense.

  • Sound can dramatically change a situation/experience.

  • Sound has always been a huge part of contributing to our survival.

  • Without sound, electric cars are potentially dangerous.

  • Sounds have semiotics.

Image: https://99u.adobe.com/videos/63710/joel-beckerman-man-made-music-sound-design

Video: 台北捷運 列車進站音樂 - 淡水信義線 Taipei Metro Train Arrivng Music - Line 2 (Tamsui-Xinyi Line) - YouTube

Image: https://nspp.mofa.gov.tw/nsppe/news.php?post=128282%26unit=410

Workshop Challenge

My ideas fall around trying to include people in the process and being active somehow. However, considering the problems I have encountered in my local area, I feel the best response for my brief is through a campaign and visual stimulation surrounding mental health; I still want people to be included. Tutors have also told me that if I'm following the route of a campaign, I need to include another level in it, something that actively engages people.

The idea I have so far is explained in the video, and although I feel this is heading in the right direction, it still doesn't feel 100% complete.

"I like this idea. It seems as though everyone can join in with this issue naturally that suits our lifestyle. I feel that it doesn't make me think that talking about mental health has to be too serious."

-Harry, Focus Group

As well as this, I've begun sketching an idea of a logo that involves the symbol of the sun on the Taiwanese flag shaped into a speech bubble to signify conversations surrounding mental health in Taiwan.

Image: Taiwan - Wikipedia


I feel that ideas are slowly coming together but still need a lot of work. My response to my brief to create a campaign is currently the best solution to the problem that I've identified. Mental health still seems to be an untouched territory regarding campaigns and services available.


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