Week Five: MA Project

Updated: Apr 6

Peer to Peer

Image: Peer to Peer Review with Tim via Zoom

It was great catching up with Tim for a peer to peer review. We spoke for about two hours. We mainly discussed each other's projects during that time, giving us an excellent opportunity to articulate why we had chosen our specific topics and where our research had led us up to this point.

Tim gave me further areas to look into with my project, such as potato plastics and PLA plastic.

Potato Plastics

Image: https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/en-SE/2018/project/potato-plastic/

Mood Board


This wasn't the most productive week but it was helpful catching up with Tim and articulating my whereabouts in the project so far. It was also a good week for collecting various articles and images to help get a better understanding of what I want to achieve through this project moving forward.

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