Week Eleven: Design Development

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

This week's lecture was in the form of interviews with:

  • Torsten Posselt (FELD)

  • Matthew Jones and Michelle Dona (Accept and Proceed)

  • Wouter Dirks (Studio Dumbar)

  • Stijn van de Ven (Eden Spiekermann)

  • Luke Veerman (Eden Spiekermann)

How do you respond to critical feedback, and how is it delivered back to your team?


  • Critical feedback is essential.

  • Try not to take it personally.

  • Critical feedback shows that something has potentially gone wrong.

  • Prepare yourself for all kinds of feedback.

  • Feedback is constant, so get used to it.

  • Take it as a chance to do something better.


  • Collaborate with clients.

  • Work closely with the client.

  • A designer cannot operate in a vacuum.


  • There are two aspects of feedback:

  1. Feedback from the client.

  2. Feedback from the audience.

  • A constant process of presenting work to the client.

  • Ask the client to be honest.

  • Get a lot of feedback from the public.


  • Feedback from user and client.

  • The client responds to three things:

  1. Strategy

  2. Design rational

  3. Questions the process

  • User feedback is essential.

  • Fail as much as possible.


  • Improve through learning.

  • You discover your strengths and weaknesses.

  • You can't improve without feedback.

  • Schedule feedback.

  • Be comfortable showing work that isn't finished.

  • Communication is important.

  • Show your work in progress.

  • Be honest if you're struggling and say why.

Ted Talks: James Curleigh, How to Enhance and Expand a Global Brand

  • Deja vu can help ideas build momentum.

  • Refer back to previous projects for inspiration.

  • Look at other areas where you can take your ideas.

  • Create the conditions to change the situation.

It's Nice That: Here, (2017): Astrid Stavro

  • Read books.

  • Ask questions.

  • Work away from the computer.

Image: Elephant Magazine Issue 21 on Behance

Glug: (2019) Colour Association in Design and the World's Favorite Colour: Made Thought

Image: Colour association in design & the world's favourite colour | Made Thought - YouTube

Workshop Challenge

Images: Logo evolution

Images: Potential PDF designs

Image: Visualising potential PDF design

Images: https://www.facebook.com/retroinsatsujam.taiwan/

I mentioned to my focus group about calling the campaign Good For Your Mind. A member responded saying:

"Charles "mind" is better than mental health; treat sick people as ordinary people. The translation from Harry is close to "mind" in Chinese, so don't worry about that."

-Jiang Chwan

My idea was to create a conversation through the poster that would detail what one person finds is good for their at the top and then ask a question at the bottom, asking, "What's good for your mind?"

I decided not to use mental health in the poster as I had done previously as it could come across quite strong. I also felt that people wouldn't want to be seen reading a poster that had mental health written on it due to the stigma attached. However, it was pointed out that mental health and mind are the same words in Chinese.

My original idea was to have people send in their tips for what they find is good for their mind, and then a poster would be generated. However, I then had an idea where workshops would take place in print shops around Taiwan to design the posters themselves. The poster template would have to stay the same with the logo, font, QR code etc, but their response of what is good for their mind would be at the top, followed by an illustration to visualise it that they would create with a professional designer. The posters would then be scanned and added to the Good For Your Mind website, where over time, we'd accumulate a library of tips and advice on generating a positive mind. Each person would be given five prints of their poster to take home and distribute themselves.

Image: Riso campaign poster sketch for design and printing


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