Week Eighteen: MA Project

Updated: Aug 20

Images: https://www.humanscale.com/ergonomics/what-is-ergonomics/index.cfm

I began thinking about ergonomics at this point.

How big should the board game be?

I measured one of the tables the children sit at (in the classroom) for size, which is around 60 cm wide and 90 cm in length. I then used these measurements to make the base of the board game.

Would children be able to hold the die?

I was worried that the die would be too big, however, I tested it with children in the age range the game is aimed at and they could hold it with ease. The weight didn’t pose any issues either as the die would be made using a thin card.

How would the game appear from the children’s perspective?

As I wanted the game to be as immersive as possible this was an important factor. As the game would sit on the children’s table I could gauge where their eye level would be as they were sitting down, playing the game.

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